Problem with an empty selection list field

When I am in unit , I move my cursor to unit and select the down arrow for the selection list. If I dont have any selections,ie empty,Ayanova stops mefromnavigation to another workorder area e.g. select another tab.

The problem may be general to any selection list field with empty selection. This is also occuring with Sent via field in the outside service tab.

The only way to reset it is byexiting the workorder completely.

Hi Raymond

Actually what is happening is that you have not selected the “empty selection”. As you haven’t selected a valid selection (either internally read as empty or <NULL>, or a valid selection of an actual unit), then the AyaNova program does not know what you meant to select and is waiting for you to so.

Do it again, but this time, when you drop down the list and there is not an actual unit to select, instead select the blank selection that it does show. This then indicates to the AyaNova program that you mean to select <NULL>.

It is working now by the selecting the empty line.


Hi again Raymond

Just an update to this - the latest version of AyaNova has the drop down fields updated to prevent this type of issue - checkout

  • Joyce