Problem with PM where Parts have a price increase

We have recently been through a process of updating Parts and changing their prices.

As expected when adding these parts to a PM record the new price is automatically picked up, but where a part already exists on a PM record the old price is still used.

How do we get the new prices applied to existing PM Part records withough having to delete and re-create them all?

Your assistance is appreciated.

Regards - Brian

Hi Brian

The part price is applied to the PM (or workorder or quote) only when the part is first selected in the PM, quote or workorder.

Couple reasons for this:

1.Part prices do commonly change, and if part prices were obtained from the part itself regardless when selected, this would mean your historical data on previous parts selected in any PM, quote or workorder would also change - so a part that you sold to a client three years ago should reflect the actual part price it was sold at than.

  1. Would be unable to edit part prices in the AyaNova workorder, PM or quote if the part price was only obtained from the part entry screen.

Either you will manually need to edit eachpart in a PM that wascreated before the part’swere edited, or you would as you say delete each selected part in the PM and re-selected to obtain the new part price

  • Joyce