Problem with schedule screen refresh


I found that when a schedule was entered by some one else. The scheduleis not beingdisplayed on the technician schedule unless the refesh button is pressed.

Is there a way to refresh the client regularly ?



You are correct - if someone else enters on another copy of the AyaNova program, you would need to refresh your grid / screen. AyaNova 3.xdoes not automatically refresh to keep network traffic down. We will be looking into adding automatic refresh into a future version of AyaNova settable by the AyaNova Administrator with the understanding that they are than responsible for how it may affect network traffic

  • Joyce

Do note that the next AyaNova 4 version does have an auto-refresh ability - for example, with AyaNova 4, when someone enters a new workorder scheduling a tech, it will autoamtically show up on the Schedule screen for that tech without him having to manually select the refresh menu option, as his AyaNova program will auto-refresh every five minutes.

Check out this and other new features of AyaNova 4 via (URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova)

  • Joyce