Problem with service order template


I customize the service order template. My first question is why after these mods all net total are at 0.00$ (xrnetlabor etc…)??
And my second question is about the multiple service unit to insert in the service order. Where is the binding link to second or multiple service unit (in the template)? and is it possible when not entering labor or part for this unit to not insert a second cost line ?? I’d like to hold with 1 page and with this second cost line for each labor,travel,parts… i’v got multiple page on my service order.

Thanks a lot

Hello Martin

My guess would be that either scripts have not been created that keep a running total and provide this in a final field; or something has been changed of existing scripts, etc. Exactly what, would not be able to say without being able to see the entire report template.

If a question about customizing a report template, export the report template to a file and send all as requested as per #3 of the forum topic Custom-report-templates

  • Joyce