Program upgrade to 3.3.4 maybe break something in the Report Writer?

Hi Joyce,

Yesterday I neededto use theManagement Report template that I created under version 3.3.3 of AyaNova.

Now under version 3.3.4, when I go to print using thistemplate only thereportHeaderBand1 displays on the first page of the report and the data does not appear until page 2.

In the Report Writer I’ve tried readjusting the margins and changingthe PaperKind field between Letter and LetterRotated to no avail.

If I set the PaperKind field to A2 for example, the report displays properly (the data appears on the first page)butof course there is much more additional white-space due to the large size of thispaper type. Using the A2 layout I thenattempted to bring the margins in to be the same size as the original template but when I got them positioned properly I ended backup where I started with the first page devoid of data.

Also, if you open the template in the Report Writer and clickHTML view, the data does appear on the first page, however the two right hand data columns aremisaligned and to the extreme righthand side of the pagein the reportHeaderBand1 a “x” character appears over a “r” character.

Could you please open the template I uploaded and see if you experience the same results?

My thought at this point is it may be better toredo the template from scratch.



Hi Bob

I downloaded that report template and imported, and opened it from the Labor screen, and other than what it was doing before in that it does not show more than one labor entry per workorder number (but still gets the totals right), it works fine for me.

Perhaps something that was further cusotmized on the one that you have right now resulted in the blank spacing etc that you are now seeing.

Perhaps if you deleted the reprot template you have right now, re-downloaded it from the forum where you had made it avaialble and import it again, and then print?

  • Joyce

Oops… I should of mentioned, to eliminate that I may have mistakenly modified the template, the last thing I did before posting was download the template I had attached on my post from the 13th, deleted the onein AyaNova and imported the original… same problem.

When I get some time Iwill attack it again.



That’s weird - it works and looks just fine for me. Maybe double-check that you are deleting the correct template, and double-check by downloading again, extracting againand importing again as maybe you accidentifly picked a different report template to import?

  • Joyce

Yeah. I did that too. I’m gonna save it for later.

Right now I want to check out all the new goodies :Din version 3.4.0.