PTI 3.7 released

PTI provides the following new feature and resolves the following issues:

New: Text in AyaNova workorder’s Customer Reference # field will now automatically be placed in the Peachtree invoice’s Customer PO field.

Issue resolved: As PeachTree will still create the invoice when a customer’s credit limit is reached or gone over, PTI will display a warning that the invoice was created but identify the amount it has gone over so that the person running PTI is aware of this in PeachTree.

Issue resolved: PTI will now force PeachTree to use its own customer terms like PeachTree should be doing on its own. When an invoice is created via PTI, PTI will ensure that Peachtree enters in that customer’s Credit Terms setting the Date Due, Discount (based on gross amount as is Peachtree’s default), the Discount Date and the text of the terms.

Issue resolved: PTI will now force the parts invoiced in Peachtree to use their own Item Tax Type

If you are using an older version of PTI, make sure you are presently using the latest version of AyaNova (refer to the update instructions on )uninstall PTI, download the latest PTI installation from and install PTI