PTI 7 and US Sage 50 2016

Hi all!

For those looking to interface AyaNova 7.3 with US Sage 50 2016, we will be shortly updating the AyaNovaSetup.exe to do so.

For those that need this right now and do the following:

[li]For each computer that has US Sage 50 2016 installed do the following:
[/li][li]Confirm that your AyaNova version is 7.3 or higher. Update if not at latest version.
[/li][li]Download the attached file to the computer
[/li][li]Exit out of AyaNova
[/li][li]Open Windows Explorer, move to your C:\Program Files (x86)\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova\plugins\PTI folder
[/li][li]Delete the existing file PeachtreeAccounting.dll
[/li][li]Extract the attached zip file to this folder, confirm the file PeachtreeAccounting.dll extracted with file date of Feb 16 2016 and file size of 396kb
[/li][li]Log into your US Sage 50 2016 database
[/li][li]Now log into your AyaNova, run PTI and confirm now loads successfully