Purchase Orders not displayed

We are not able to display the Purchase Order icon under the Inventory section. I have tried logging in as Administrator and as a user under the Administrative group and neither account displays the Purchase Order icon. Is there a setting that needs to be set to allow Purchase Orders. We have never used them in the past so perhaps this is an option that is selected when installing the software.

Hi Criticalpwr

What grids DO show in the Inventroy navigation pane?
If only the Parts grid, perhaps you had disabled Inventory via your Global Settings at some point?

Refer to the Help documentation section http://www.ayanova.com/AyaNova7webHelp/turn_off_inventory.htm

  • Joyce

Thanks Joyce. We were just going down that path. I believe inventory is turned off but now in the Administration section under Global Settings the inventory option is not showing up. I have had all users log off, turned the AyaNova generator service off on the server and I am still not able to see this option. I am performing a database option now and will be installing AyaNova on a new PC we have in the office. I will see if this option is available once I get the new PC running. Any other suggestions are appreciated.

Reinstalling AyaNova would NOT bring back a feature. If ever do not see a feature in AyaNova, its either because the feature is not enabled, the user logged in as doesn’t have rights, or just accidently missing it.

I would recommend attaching a screenshot of the Global Settings entire page when logged in as the AyaNova Administrator (you can blank out the info in the SMTP notifications section so no one else sees it) so I can point you towards where it is if you are not seeing it.

As per the Help documentation, the Use Inventory setting is within the Global Settings subsection just above Language Settings and below Display Settings

Let me know you now see it

  • Joyce

Found it. We were looking under the Business Settings. The snapshot you provided got us looking in the correct location. Adjusted setting, logged out and now we are seeing the Purchase orders and inventory section. Thanks for the help.

Good to hear!

Just a heads up that the screen image that I linked to in the previous post is also in the Help documentation section I pointed you towards. The Help documentation provides step by step with screenshots for all features - so you can easily and quickly refer to if any questions. I encourage you to take advantage of the Help documentation for quick support.

  • Joyce