Push Out Schedule to Calendar

I know the program has the ability to send emails and SMS when events occur (ie Event Imminent) but is it possible to get the ability to have Aya push the change or addition to the users “Calendar” automatically like the events generator does with other items.


Both the OLI and OutlookScheduleExport options provides the ability of importing into an Outlook calender, as well as replacing existing if there are changes… Both require that the specific scheduleable user actually logs in, so that AyaNova knows which scheduled items for which scheduled user to import as well as initiate when the export occurs.
I will certainly put this onto development’s Wish List to see if there is anything additionally automatic that can be done; but at this time, both require that the user log in and initiate the export to Outlook calender.

More on OLI http://www.ayanova.com/AyaNova7webHelp/oli___ayanova_schedule_export_.htm
More on OutlookScheduleExport http://www.ayanova.com/AyaNova7webHelp/how_to_export_scheduled_items_.htm

  • Joyce

Hello Joyce,

We are aware of those features and use them heavily already. I was more thinking that as say someone schedules a WO at the office the personnel in the field have the calendar updates automatically without having to log in at a computer at the office and manually export them themselves. More of a global control of the calendar settings and notifications in general would be nice. It is tough at times to get users set-up properly or they remove or modify the notification settings without admin permission.