QB Invoice & multiple WOs

We are a new user of Ayanova, and there are a couple items which would be helpful if at all possible to do. Is the WO to QB invoice always on a 1 to 1 basis?It would be very helpful to be able to have multiple WOs on 1 invoice, and also, even more important, Is there any way to get WO Work Details (even on a limited character basis) to automatically be included on QB invoices?


We will be looking at adding the ability to include workorder details into a QuickBooks invoice on the discretion of the userfor the next generation AyaNova QuickBooks integration.

At present, there is a one to one relationship between a workorder in AyaNova CE and an invoice made in QuickBooks.

The next generation AyaNova that is in final development will allow workorder items to be moved from workorders into a single workorder, so that the single workorder with all documentation could be invoiced in one invoice in QuickBooks.

This feature will also address the situation of if you need to close out a service workorder but not all workorder items are finished. For example, lets say you have a service workorder with a number of workorder items, each identifying different service to be performed. Let’s say that one of the workorder items requires sending away for warranty work, or needs parts ordered in via purchase orders, and the others are able to be serviced. End of the month comes around, and you want to close and bill out that service workorder of service that has been performed. Instead of deleting that workorder item that has the info on the service still yet to be performed (and having to manually create a new service workorder, and manually re-enter in all the information on that outstanding service to be performed,)you will be able to move that workorder item to another service workorder for that client - so you can than close the original service workorder and bill it out.


Just to update this topic - QBI v3 does have the choice to invoice one workorder to one invoice - or multiple workorders to one invoice. You can do this at the time of the invoicing via QBI v3. Refer to the QBI v3 Manualhttp://www.ayanova.com/qbidownload.htm documentation for details

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