**QBI 4.2 now compatible with AUS/NZ QuickBooks 2008/2009**

Forum Note: QBI 4.2 now compatible with AUS/NZ QuickBooks 2008/2009


One of the things a developer must take into consideration even before starting software development is the costs of development compared to the amount of potential return.

Previously AaaTeX Corp. dba QBTeK.com looked into developing a specific Australian QuickBooks interface for AyaNova and posted about it here on this forum, but from their non-reply must have felt the return was not feasible for themselves.

We are looking into providing an Australian QuickBooks interface for AyaNova, but because it requires a completely different SDK than the US, Canadian and UK QuickBooks; and does not allow us to just “re-use” QBI internal code because the “lanaguage” of Australian QuickBooks is completely different from that of US, Canadian or UK QuickBooks; we are looking at serious investment of time and money on our part, as well as shuffling existing development projects.

Before we would proceed with developing an Australian QuickBooks interface, we need to determine if we will at minimum break even. To do that, we need to get an idea of how many potential Australian QBI purchases would be made, and at what license price. Believe me, we do not set our license prices based on what the market will bear, but on what the minimum it takes to break even with a bit of profit to pay bills so that we continue another 10 years in business, and another 10 years after that and so on

Provide the following information in a private message, or direct email to support@ayanova.com or a reply to this topic directly if desired

subject line “potential Australian QBI interface”
your company name
city and country
whether existing AyaNova licensed user or potential licensed user

of schedulable user licenses presently in use, or potentially in use

would you purchase Australian QBI at $375.00
would you purchase Australian QBI at $750.00
would you purchase Australian QBI at $1125.00
I will continue to leave this posting up here for the winter, with compatibility with QBI depending on the number of responses.

  1. Bay Document Solutions Ltd (Ricoh BOP)

    1. Tauranga, New Zealand

    2. Existing licensed user

    3. 1 user. Potential for 5-6 more if we ever decide to use the scheduler.

    4. would you purchase Australian QBI at $375.00 - if that’s in US Dollars then would most definitely purchase at that price. Any higher may not be feasible given the amount of retraining involved for our staff & ongoing support (i.e. hassling me constantly as to how to use the new feature & why/why aren’t things working, etc). However I don’t make the financial decisions so the boss may surprise & be willing to fork out more for the product if the sales pitch is good enough. :slight_smile:

I’ve just learned that the 2008-2009 Australian version of quickbooks is now sharing the same codebase as the US version. Perhaps this will mean that the same QBI can be used now. Anyone know?



Hi Dave

So have we! We have tested Australian QuickBooks Premier 2008/2009 with QBI 4.1.5 but it results in an initialerror when checking Items from Australian QuickBooks 2008/2009: dir=ltr " ">

System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80040301): Error parsing. Message: class ItemServiceRet got unexpected tag id -1 () with value true.

This means that development will need to go in and figure out where the error is coming from and code for it (hopefully without having to create a separate QBI for Australian QB 2008/2009), and than go through all the other features of QBI and confirm they too work as is with Australian QB 2008/2009 and if not, code for that too if possible.

Development will be doing this in the fall, and if all goes well, with estimated release along with the AyaNova 4 maintenance release update

  • Joyce

This is indeed very good news to hear.

I’m unsure of when “fall” is for you lot but could I be so bold as to ask for a more definitive date as our business is currently considering changing to a db that does interface with QB AU/NZ. The current price quoted for the new db is in the tens of thousands!!, which is being seriously considered but we’d really like to stay with Ayanova as it does do most of which we require & everyone is familiar with it.

Hi again Ashen

As development won’t know what is all involved until they actually get into it, it is not possible to provide a more definite date - it is something that could take only a couple weeks, or it could take a couple months if it is possible. Time booked for development to look into this is around September - so it could be something that is available in October or it could be December if it is something that development is able to do. Sorry I can not give a more definite date.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

that’s a better indication thanks (we in the Southern Hemisphere don’t call it Fall, it’s called Autumn down here :smiley: ). I can now convince the powers that be to wait and see what the New Year brings as it’s not too far away.


Developmentcame in from vacation to take a look and see what was involved.

Take a look at http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic4238-94-1.aspxabout Australian QB 2008/2009 with a special QBI 4.1.6 version and try it out and let me know.

  • Joyce

Awesome, will check that out during this week.

Thanks Joyce.