QBI does not properly recognize all the labor items I want to bill for

I have three labor items and QBI says (nothing to invoice)

For some reason QBI doesn’t recognize all the billable work I have created.

I can print a detailed complted work order with the correct billing, but QBI doesn’t recognize it.

Please help,


Hello Eric

There may be three issues here depending on exactly what is happening:

  1. For QBI to recognize that a workorder is even ready to be invoiced requires that all three requirements involving the workorder itself and QBI Settings are made.

<DL><DD>These three requirements are stated in the QBI installation & User Guide section “Exporting your completed AyaNova Workorders via AyaNova QBI into QuickBooks” starting on page 46
<DD>AyaNova QBI will only present work orders for invoicing if they meet three criteria: <DD>1) They must be <in progress> work orders. <DD>2) They must have nothing entered in the Billed to Invoice number field. <DD>3) They must be set to the work order status you selected in QBI Settings for Select work orders for invoicing that have this status: <DD> <DD>If any of these three conditions are not met, you will not see the work order in the AyaNova QBI program and will not be able to invoice it via AyaNova QBI.

</DD></DL>2. You must also have the AyaNova rates and parts linked to a rate and part in QuickBooks via QBI. <DL><DD>If they are not, the rates and parts to be invoiced as shown in QBI will display with an exclamation mark.

</DD></DL>3. And if you haveset <no default> in the Invoice AyaNova misc parts as: in QBI Settings instead of selecting a generic part in QuickBooks, then the miscellaneous parts on an AyaNova workorder [b] will not get invoiced at all

[/b]<DL><DD>If you set <no default> in the Invoice AyaNova ?misc? parts as: instead of selecting a generic part in QuickBooks, if a workorder only has miscellaneous parts (no service or parts), than NOTHING TO INVOICE will show next to this workorder.

</DD></DL>Please confirm exactly what is showing within QBI, confirm your QBI settings, confirm the parts and rates linked via QBI and confirm the items within the AyaNova workorder.

Let us know what you find.

Please confirm exactly what is showing within QBI, confirm your QBI settings, confirm the parts and rates linked via QBI and confirm the items within the AyaNova workorder.

My Misc Parts shows as PC Hardware in Quickbooks.

The rates are linked to an identical Quickbooks rate.

There are labor items but they don’t show up in QBI. If I put track my minutes in Travel, then the Travel Rate shows up as a linked rate, and the labor item shows up. But it only adds up the travel rate not the service rate.

If I don’t enter travel rate, then nothing shows up, even thoughI have a couple hours entered for the labor rate.

It says “43 Health Care Services (NOTHING TO INVOICE)”

Hello again Eric

I am going to get you to send to us directly via private email:

1.A screenshot of QBI with the workorder ready to be invoiced where this is happening expanded so I can see what is showing.

  1. Close QBI without invoicing that workorder

  2. Attach a copy of the ayqblog.txt file from the C:\Program Files\AyaNova\qbi directory

  3. Zip up the AyaNova database file SCDATA.SC using WinZIp and attach to your email

  4. Include the manager username and password if changed from the default

  5. Include this workorder number that needs to be invoiced in the email message.

I will be checking the direct email to ensure I receive this right away. Please alsoreply via emailif you will not be providing the above immediately and when would be a convienent time to do so.

Thank you Eric for working with us on this issue.

Although we did determine that some of your AyaNova service rates were not yet linked to your QuickBooks rates via QBI, this issue also brought to light a QBI1.2.1.0 issue that has not been noted as of yet.

We have documented this within the Technical Answers web page http://www.ayanova.com/faq_technical.htmlink to Known QBI Issues

If a standard workorder contains multiple Problem items, those Problem items that do not have an associated Labor item either results in the workorder showing as NOTHING TO INVOICE, or showing blank items with exclamation marks under the workorder data.

We will be releasing a QBI update to address this issue shortly. All QBI licensed users will be notified via email when the update is available.

Until that time it is suggested to either either enter a labor item for each problem item even if it is no charge hours, or move the information in the problem item that has no labor into the problem item that does have labor.

QBI v1.2.2.0 maintenance update was released September 14th to address the above issue.

Check out http://www.ayanova.com/AyaNovaCE/qbi_update.htm