QBI Memo Field Import

We would love to be able to edit the memo information imported from ayanova to quickbooks. The problem is that when we use the statement creator in quickbooks, it includes the memo text with the invoice number.

We would like if our customers did not see:

“Imported by: AyaNova Administrator Workorder: 6390”

Even if it just said:

"Imported from Workorder XXXX

That would rock.

Thank you for your suggestion.

I did want to also mention that, at this time, do edit your QBI Preferences un-checking the Set memo field so that the information on who imported and the imported workorder number is not imported into the QuickBooks invoice memo field.

Even if you do not have this memo field enabled, you can still have the workorder # appear on the invoice itself via your Descriptive Text setup in QBI - for example, see the example Descriptive Text (that can be further edited too!) when setting to the default detailed descriptive text http://www.ayanova.com/qbi7webHelp/what_is_descriptive_text.htm