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I do not have the QBI interface, but here’s my question;

When QBI transfers data into QB, such as a work order with parts on it, is QB able to handle calculating Cost of Goods Sold? I read in a previous post that QBI does not handle PO’s, so that’s why I am asking or is the inventory adjustment handled another way in QB (not via a PO)

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Hi Joshua

Please contactQuickBooks for QuickBooks related questions. QuickBooks is provided by the Intuitsoftware company.

I’ve listed below the AyaNova related aspect, but for details on how QuickBooks works, you will need to contact QuickBooks themselves:

When an AyaNova workorder is invoiced into QuickBooks using QBI, it would be just as if you manually made an invoice in QuickBooks. One of the main features of the optional add-on QBI is that it identifies AyaNova workorders that are ready to be invoiced, allows you to invoice them into QuickBooks without having to manually enter, as well as ensuring that you do not forget to bill something bilable out from the workorder.

So if your QuickBooks inventory is updated by whatever is invoiced out in a QuickBooks invoice, the same occurs whether the invoice was initiated by QBI just as if you manually made the QuickBooks invoice. Or if you have QuickBooks calculating cost of goods sold by the invoice, than it would do so whether the invoice was manually made by you, or initiated by QBI as it does the same thing.

You are correct -the optional add-on QBI does not synchronize AyaNova PO’s with QuickBooks PO’s. The optional add-on QBIimports/links clients, vendors, parts, and invoices out ready to be billed AyaNova workorders as invoices into QuickBooks.

Most AyaNova users that utilize the optional add-on QBI have disabled inventory in AyaNova because they want to have inventory, purchase ordersand accounts payable tracked only in one place - in QuickBooks.


I like AyaNova inventory features simply because it tracks S/N’s. QB does not. I have a license for AyaNova, can I get a trial for QBI without interfering with my AyaNova license?

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Sure -

attach a copy of your ayalog.txt file in a private email to support@ayanova.com (as will provide details about your present licensing and your company)

You will be sent a temporary keycode to apply to your database - the keycode will be for the number of AyaNova schedulable user licenses you already have plus QBI.

This temporary keycode won’t interfere, as it will have your existing schedulable user licenses plus the QBI license.

Purchase QBI before the expiry date of the temporary keycode, or contact us in reply to the original email you receive from us before the expiry date requesting a re-issue keycode of your existing purchased licenses.

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