QBI v3 development

Development continues with QBI v3 along with testing and documentation.

We’ve addressed installation and configurationissues that QBI v1.2.20 users ran into due to dropped network connections or changes in the location of the QuickBooks company data file by having QBI v3 dynamically identify the location of the QuickBooks company file at the time of running - instead of via a static setting.

We’ve included the ability to invoice multiple workorders into one QuickBooks invoice for the same client.

We’ve also greatly expanded what data from the AyaNova workorder can be printed as descriptive text on the QuickBooks invoice.

And linking and importing can be done with a simple drag and drop for advanced ease of use, as well as an Auto-link feature that compares names of clients and items for previous QBI v1.2.2.0 users for quick use.

And for AyaNova users that enter client information in AyaNova prior to entry into QuickBooks for invoicing - AyaNova clients can be imported into QuickBooks so no need for double entry.

We’re excited about these features and continue with development, testing and documentation. We will be notifying licensed AyaNova QBI v1.2.2.0 users and others that have requested us to do sovia direct email as soon as it is ready.

  • Joyce

If we have AyaNova v3 is is possible to use the earlier QBI version? Or must we wait for the new release?

No it is not possible to use earlier optional add-ons (Either QBI v1.2.2. or ARAS 2.9) with AyaNova v3.

AyaNova v3 is created using different development tools and the database schema isnot compatible withthe old versions.

  • Joyce