Question on Custom filtering using the Condition * Like


I wanted to post here our response for the benefit of all in regards to a question that was sent in via email about use of the * Like Condition with a custom filter

The issue was that they needed to set a scheduleable user to inactive to free up the license so it could be used for a new technician.
Following the steps on the forum topic How-to-set-a-Schedulable-User-inactive-to-free-up-a-license, they wanted to filter different grids to find any instances of non-Closed workorders where this scheduleable user was selected so they could close the workorder or remove the user from selection.
In the Scheduled Users grid, they selected [Custom] on the User grid, selected the Condition * Like and entered the scheudleable user’s first name.
No results.
Unfortunately they did not test to see if any results occurred performing the same steps with a known user name that was definitely in the grid to confirm their filtering actually worked.

The user’s Last Name is what is internally referred to in the grid regardless of the Display Format set for it in Global Settings - even if the display format is set “Region - First Last”
Its the same with a Unit, the serial number is what is internally referred to even if the display format is “vendor, model name, serial number”.

And this is the same with custom filtering - if you set the condition as Like, you would enter in the scheduleable user’s Last Name to get results regardless if the display format is for the User “First Name, Last Name” etc.

So what this means is:

If you wish to use the Like Condition on a User column, you must enter the Last Name to get any results.