Question regarding installation in a network environment

Ihave installed a trial version, loaded on an XP PC and installed the data files on our Win 2003 server in a shared file. Since the data files were not put in a separate folder I would like to uninstall and remove the data files from the server shared file. How do I do this?
I would like to install on several PC’s (Win XP and Win 98) and place the data files in a designated folder on our Win 2003 server shared drive. Since you do not send a CD how do I get a copy of the program to burn to CD in order to load on all the PC’s?

Detailed information on moving the database folder and files can be found in the AyaNova QuickStart Guide from

Basically you would move the database folder and its filesto the new location; ensure rights to all network AyaNova users are set to FULL; edit the AyaNova icon on users computers Properties to point to this new database folder.

If you want to start from scratch for both the program location and the database folder/files location = perform the AyaNova uninstallation by Control Panel -> Add/ Remove Programs -> Remove AyaNova. Once the program is uninstalled, than delete the database folder and files.

A suggestion to obtain the installation file for each computer for installing is todownload the AyaNova installation file SCPSETUP.EXE from to one computer, place that file in a shared location on the server, from each computer copy that installation file to the local hard drive and run the installation as per the detailed information on installing AyaNova in a network environment within the AyaNova QuickStart Guide from

If you have any questions regarding the instructions in the QuickStart Guide, do post. Feedback on information in the manuals is always appreciated.