Quick Start Guide

I know everything you could ever possibly want is listed in the manual, but a 600+ page manual is a little overwhelming when going through the learning curve of setting up new software. A quick start guide with some simple instructions, or even pointing to specific pages in the manual, would make the initial setup a whole lot less daunting. I love how everything is so easily customized, it is just a mountain that would be much easier to cross with a map.

Such as:

-A full page diagram of a printed Work Order with dialog balloons showing the page of the manual to look in to find the info to configure that specific information.
-A one page document of all the places the company info is stored for branding your product. Sub Grids, Administration, Reports, etc…
-Order of operations…For example: The tech account can be created, but you cannot add certs or skill levels until they are added in the sub grids.

I know this is abit of work, which may be why it has not been done, but this would make the product so much more user friendly and greatly reduce the install to implementation lag time. If you wanted to work out some sort of deal, I am sure you could persuade one of your more savvy customers to help you create a “map” (Hint, Hint…). :wink:


We are always wanting to improve documentation, and thank you for the great idea. We will try to get on that as soon as possible.

  • Joyce

Do check out the AyaNova v3 Quick Start Guide on the download web page which gives suggested order of setting up AyaNova v3 once you have licensed, and where to find the detailed information in the AyaNova v3 Manual.

Big thank you to masonworks for his great suggestion and for his input!!

  • Joyce