Quick Unit Transfer inside WO/PM/Quote

I am assuming that this would be possible thru the scripting interface, but can get a feature to move units (inside a WO, PM, etc) to an alternate client.

Example - We have fire extinguishers we service for large multi location fleets. Each location that vehicles are stored at is a new ‘client’ in Aya. When we service a vehicle with an extinguisher (unit) that is now located at site 2, but is in the DB as a ‘unit’ for site 1 we have an issue that we have to save and close the current WO/PM/etc and go to the ‘unit’ in question and shift the client by hand. Reopen the WO/PM/etc and then continue entering data on to that ‘units’ line. This can be a very slow process with some fleets with 1000 vehicles all carrying ‘units’ that are not always kept at the same staging yards (client).

Can we make a way to search ‘units’ from the WO/PM/etc and be able to open the unit details from that interface??


Hello Scott

Am sending you via private email details about a possible custom plugin to run within your AyaNova that may work for you, along with guesstimate of fee to create this custom plugin.

As always, although we do not customize the AyaNova program itself for individual companies, if interested in a custom plug-in or add-on for AyaNova, just contact us at support@ayanova.com and let us know what you are looking for and what you need it for. We might already have the feature in AyaNova; or can provide you with a quote to develop a custom plug-in if possible; or put your suggestion on our Wish List as a possible future feature!

  • Joyce