QuickBooks 2014 and AyaNova QBI 7.2

QuickBooks 2014 have been tested successfully with QBI 7.2 with no known issues.

Posting a reminder to all that IF you will be upgrading your existing QuickBooks to the latest version that you will NEED to redo the QBI installation again afterwards

For example:

Workstation was using QuickBooks Pro 2013 Canadian version with AyaNova and QBI 7.2(Hotfix 9)
Upgraded QuickBooks to version 2014 Pro Canadian.
BEFORE using QBI, do the following:
[li]Make sure no programs running including QuickBooks or AyaNova[/li][li]Uninstall QBFC7[/li][li]Uninstall AyaNova and QBI[/li][li]Reboot the workstation[/li][li]Follow the QBI requirements and installation steps from the start again http://www.ayanova.com/qbi7webHelp/installationdatabaseconfiguration.htm[/li][li][]i.e. make sure your QuickBooks 2014 has the latest service dates applied (don’t forget to restart QB to apply any downloaded updates)[/li][li][]i.e. make sure to install QBFC7[/li][li][*]i.e. after installing AyaNova and QBI and running the first time with QuickBooks 2014 open, recheck via the menu Preferences that all are set[/li][/ul]