QuickBooks Canadian 2010 known issue

[FORUM NOTE: RC2 released Dec 17th now resolves this issue - make sure you have the latest QuickBooks update applied if you receive this issue]

Wanted to post here for those thinking of upgrading to Canadian QuickBooks 2010

At this time, the QuickBooks 2010 Canadian version has some bugs in it, that as a result optional add-ons such as QBI 5 and higher will not work.

When loading QBI if using Canadian QuickBooks 2010, when QuickBooks vendors are scanned will get an error such as: " "

Error parsing. Message: class VendorRet got unexpected tag id 1462 (SalesTaxCountry) with value ???.

Intuit is aware of the problem and are looking into it.Intuit has said that they hope to have the RC2 out that will fix their issue by the end of the year.

RC2 for Canadian QuickBooks 2010 was released today.

Have confirmed that this update does resolve the issue above.

  • Joyce