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Hi, I would like to know if there is any way i can prepare a quote with labour but no actualy schedule anything.

as when one sends a quotation 99 times out of 100 the client will accept the quoteand then the time will be scheduled.

iwould not like to send out quotes with any dates or time when the work is to be performed.

thanks for your assistance in advance.

I have just Edited the form so the time does not show, this will allow me to be able to send the quote but it will still clutter the schedule with time that will deffinately need to be moved.


Certainly, just don’t put in Scheduled Users information in the quote. You do not have to put in information you don’t want to. The only required information in a quote is the client must be selected.

  • Joyce

Thanks Joyce,

This is ok, but if i would like to quote labour as well as parts it makes it dificult. As to quote labour it needs to be scheduled.

I would like to be able to quote labour without scheduling any time.

Hi again

I think there may be some confusion between us here.

I am not sure why you are thinking you have to schedule the time in a quote? You don’t have to. You might want to so that when you generate a workorder from the quote, the scheduled users are already entered, but by all means, you do not have to enter scheduled users in the quote.

Do try it - don’t enter scheduled users. Just enter the labor and parts you want to quote on.

If you still have a question about this, please do provide more details as I must be missing something from you.

  • Joyce