Quote Status Field

Is there any way to addition additional status items ? - or change existing


YES - you can do both.

You can edit existing Workorder Statuses, as well as create new Workorder Statuses, via the Workorder Statuses grid.

Select the menu SubGrids from the top of othe AyaNova program. This drop downs a lists of subgrids that you can additionally edit in AyaNova.

Select Workorder Statuses.

To edit an existing Workorder Status, highlight the text and edit. When done, close the grid.

To add a new Workorder Status, begin by clicking within the bottom gray row to start a new record, and start typing. Don’t forget to place a checkmark in the Active column for this new workorder statuses so it will be displayed for drop down selection in a workorder.

Check out the other subgrids also available under the menu SubGrids - you can edit and create new Priorities, Workorder Categories, Workorder Item Categories, Part Categories and many more.

Also check out the AyaNova v3 Manual section “Additional Entry Screens & Grids” starting page 509 - this section provides information on each of these grids and how to enter and use.

  • Joyce

Ah yep i’ve been there - BUT i mean QUOTE Status - like approved , in progress etc as per the QUOTE entry screen


Hi again

There are four Quote statuses using the English locale - Awarded, In Progress, Not Awarded and Submitted -Waiting.

You can create and use customize locales and edit any text label displaying in AyaNova by creating a new custom locale and customizing what keys you wish.

Do review the AyaNova v3 Manual sections “Localized Text Designer” page 469 and “Tutorial: Localizing Field Descriptions in a Service Workorder” page 228 to get a complete overview on how to use this feature.

If you want to than edit any of these four labels Quote statues to display as something different, the keys to edit would be:





  • Joyce

Is is possible to add additional “quote status” to include in the drop down box?
We just need a couple of extra options to provide clearer information to our account managers of the status of customer quotations.



Hello Chris

You can, as per the replies in this topic, using the Localized Text Designer, create a custom locale where the wording of one or more of those four quote statuses is different than it defaults as, but no, you can not create additional than the four that are there.
If you provide what you are looking for specifically and how and why used, development will certainly look into it for a future version.

  • Joyce