Quote to Work Order conversion question...

Essentially I am looking for a way to reduce the possibility of input errors and the amount of screen/grid jumping I have to do in order to tie a Quote to a Work Order.

Is there a way, when creating a work order from a quote to automatically have the quote number entered into the work order somewhere so the quote can be referenced later when the work order is complete?

Or is it possible to have it go both ways, so that the work order number is referenced in the quote and visa-versa? This would make the system much more user friendly and more useful at the same time.

I would even be happy if there was a way to automatically force the original quote number to become the new work order number. This would be even a better solution! This way both would have the same number and be much easier to find related quotes and work orders.

If there is already a way to do this without the manual jumping between grids to enter the numbers into the internal reference fields, please tell me! I cannot find a simple way to make these two important documents relate to each other.



When you convert a workorder to a quote (select the quote in the Quotes grid and select menu Generate Service Workorder from this Quote), all information from the header and sections of the quote are copied to a new workorder entry screen automatically for you - including what text you had entered into the Quote’s Internal Reference # field

In addition to what you entered in the Quote now copied to a new workorder,the Quote number is identified in the Quote Parent column in all of the Service navigation pane grids. And this quote number is also available for selection in both Summary and Detailed report templates from the Service navigation pane grids so you can have it show in reports.

Try that and let me know this now works for you. If you have any questions about this, do post complete info on the steps you are doing (screen in, what entered where, etc) so that I can follow along and possibly make suggestions on how to use. Thank you.

  • Joyce