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I have read many of your answers regarding calculating fields and I have tried many different templates to figure this out, but I am still not getting the way to do it.
My job is to create a quote template without tax included. I have tried to remove all I can find about tax in the scripts, but the tax is still calculated in the sum.
What I need is that in “Report footer 1” the xrGrandTotal is a Sum of XrNetLabor, XrNetPart and XrNetTravel. (In short: take the template “Ayanova 7 Example Detailed Quote with tasks” and remove the tax fields and calculations)

How can I see which fields are calculated in xrGrandTotal?

Is there a way to get intellisense in the script area?

Can you please help me?

Best regards

Hello Thomas

The AyaNova 7 Example Detailed Quote With Tasks report template from topic Example-AyaNova-7-Quotes-report-template-showing-Tasks uses a xrGrandTotal_BeforePrint script for the xrGrandTotal label to display the running total of GrandTotal - and this GrandTotal is from the running total of each billables Line Total that includes taxes. Take a look at the Scripts and you can see how is derived.

So if you do not want this report template AyaNova 7 Example Detailed Quote With Tasks to show GrandTotal (which is obtained by a running total of all Line Totals for parts, labor, and travel plus their taxes), a quick customization would be to

  1. first make a copy of the original report template so that you are customizing this copy
  2. then edit the script for the xrGrandTotal_BeforePrint so that it instead displays the sum of the Net total fields xrNetLabor + xrNetPart + xrNetTravel

Right now the xrGrandTotal_BeforePrint is displaying what the amount is for GrandTotal which is sum of all LineTotals :

xrGrandTotal.Text = string.Format("{0:c2}", GrandTotal);

Edit so instead :

xrGrandTotal.Text = string.Format("{0:c2}", NetPart + NetLabor + NetTravel);

Topic Sample-Detailed-Workorder-report-template-where-totals-derived-from-scripts is one of many report templates that show examples of a script sums up totals from other scripts to display in a specific control label.

If you have any further questions with this, do send all as per step #3 of topic Custom-report-templates including a copy of your copied report template to support@ayanova.com

  • Joyce

This was what I needed. Thank you very much.