rates as half hour instead of hour

I would like to limitmy rates to half an hour or an hour. Is this possible in Ayanova??

Yes. Suggestion is to do the following if you want to change the Rate Unit:

-Within the AyaNova program, select the menu option SubGrids and select Rates
-Select the menu option Rate Units within Rates
-Create a new Rate Unit called Half Hour (Half Hours for plural) and close this Rate Units grid
-Select within the Rates grid under the column Unit Charge the Half Hour where needed
-Close the Rates grid

Now when you select the service rates in an AyaNova service workorder, the rate units are at half hour. If using the Sample Detailed Service Workorder Report, the Units are identified as Half Hour (or Half Hours if more than a quantity of 1).

Or if you have edited your report template with actual text that says hours, instead edit your report template to say Half Hours instead.

What time unit you use is totally up to you - our examples in the manual are based on hours, but you canuse 15 minute increments, 20 minute increments, half hour, day - whatever works for you

  • Joyce