I am still in thesetup phase of ayanova and have a question regarding labor rates.

The company has a complex rate structure.itis basedon2 factors , let’s say A and B each combination of these 2 factors then have 3 tiers of rates: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Is it possible to have this kind of structure with ayanova?


sorry I forgot one thing. If it is not possible then is it possible to make modifications to ayanova by having the codes to specifically tailor to our needs?


Hi Angela

If your rate structure is A and Bwith eachhaving 3 tiers of rates: Silver, Gold and Platinum than do the following:

-Create a rate called “A - Silver”
-Create a rate called “A - Gold”
-Create a rate called “A - Plantinum”
-Create a rate called “B - Silver”
-Create a rate called “B - Gold”
-Create a rate called “B - Plantinum”

Then in the Labor sub-section of the workorder, the user would select the actual rate to bill out at - whether it is “A - Silver” or “B - Silver” etc

  • Joyce

I thought of it that way too, but the problem is the number of rates under A and Bis large so practically I will have tocreate all possible combinations which will result in a very long list to choose from.

Example: I have a category (A) called delivery method which includes: On-site, Depot, remote and so on…

I have another category (B) called Service Category which includes Network Remote Backup, Network Design, Network MAintenance and so on…which list is pretty extensive

Each combination of the 2 categories will have 3 tiers : Silver ,Gold, Platinum. Example:Onsite-NetworkDesign-Gold rate orDepot- Network maintenance Silver Rate

Now when theTech needs to select the rate from the drop down menu, he/she will have difficulty in having to go through the entire list and chose accordinging to service provided.

If only the labor window would have an extra column with the field for the second category then it wouldbe doable.:cool:

I hope I have explained it clearly.

Thank you for your help, I really apprecciate it!!!


Hi Angela

OK - now I see. I misunderstood your A and B before, I thought they were two different services. The example you included in your reply explained it well with the other information combined

Is there a different service charge depending if the service is provided OnSite than if it is provided in Depot? The reason why I ask is are you wanting to track the delivery method so that you can run reports on what workorders and service were performed onsite and what was performed via Depot (for example).

If not, a suggestion instead of having the delivery method identfied in the rate itself is to do it instead in the workorder as a whole via the Workorder Category field. Or identify in the workorder item by the Workorder Item Type field

This way, you can still track by what delivery method the service was performed for reporting, and minimize what the tech needs to select from the list of service rates - which are based on the actual type of service only - such as Network Remote Backup, Network Design, Network MAintenance etc etc

  • Joyce

unfortunely the delivery method such as :on- site , depot etc…have a weight on the rates.<P dir=ltr " ">the onsite would have a different rate than the depot if chosen with the other category let’s say Network Design<P dir=ltr " ">Example: On site Network Design : $150<P dir=ltr " "> Depot Network Design : $100<P dir=ltr " "> then depending on the type of contract like Silver Gold or platinum they would have a discount rate of 1% for Silver , 2% for Gold and 3% for Platinum. these are just examples.<P dir=ltr " ">Thanks Joyce!<P dir=ltr " ">Angela.

I am trying to figure out if it is possible to actually filter those rates before it actually shows on the Labor window. So a particular technician from a certain department will not view the entire list but only those pertaining to his department.

So example a Network Technician will have only those listed for networking jobs.

or the Mac technicians will be view only those related to labor done in Mac computers.

this is a way to work around this issue.


Hi again Angela

Not at this time. Specific rates can be selected to only display based on the Contract a client has in their client entry screen, but not by what tech is selected in the workorder after the workorder has already been opened.At this time, you will have to create a rate for every possible rate so that it can be selected in the Labor section of a workorder.

  • Joyce

thank you Joyce for your help :slight_smile: