Receiving different parts than ordered on PO.


How are we supposed to handle the situation where we receive different parts than initially ordered through a P.O.

e.g. we ordered 2" think cable gutters but when we receive the item we got 2.5" cable gutters because 2" was out of stock.



Hi Darrell, the Purchase Order Receipt is to receive parts actually ordered in a PO

If you actually were sent something different than the part ordered in the PO and you are do want to put the 2.5" cable gutters into your inventory, I would say that you firstcreate that the new part 2.5" cable gutters(if not yet entered as a part), than create a Part Adjustment to receive that actual 2.5" cable gutterspart.

And if you will not be receiving the original requested 2" think cable gutters part in the PO, and the PO is now done with, then view that PO entry screenand change its status to Closed.

  • Joyce