Refresh Rate of data


Just a quick query - when we enter information of a new part or purchase order a part, when we return to the parts screen the data we have just entered is not appearing immediately, either we have to go to another menu and backor click refresh to see the data. Is this something we just have to live with or is there a setting that we can change to increase the refresh rate of the data.

In advance thank you

Hi Ian

AyaNova automatically refreshes the grids every five minutes. This is coded internally and can not be changed.

AyaNova refreshes:

  1. Automatically every five minutes

  2. When you click on the Refresh menu option of a specific grid (or Schedule screen)

  3. If for example you are viewing the Parts grid in the Inventory navigation pane, and you open a part entry screen, if you make any changes to that part entry screen such as edit the name, when you save and exit and return to your Parts grid, your grid will automatically refresh at that time and you can see the new edited part name right away without having to select the Refresh menu option.

  • Joyce