*Regions now developed and expanded in AyaNova 5

We would like to see the regional settings fully developed with at least the following:

Workorders: Restrict from seeing other regions schedulable users when assigning workorders to Schedulable users.

All Grids: Restrict data to users region only. Plus have the ability to assign national level of access to see all regions.

Schedule Calender: When a workorder is unassigned it is visible in all regions calander even if the filter is set.

Please advise on developement of the regional controls and if in fact they this feature will be in the next release. Plus the expected date of the next release.


You are going to be so very happy<grin>

The next major version of AyaNova which will be AyaNova 5.x will have Regions expanded greatly. We estimate release of AyaNova 5.x next spring/early summer 2009.

  • Joyce