Reindexing Database & Adding User Error message

Error: Whenever I attempt to re-index the database or add a user I get the following message (either from my workstation or the server directly). First some additional parameters:

I am on the server all other users are out.
I go into the Ayanova program and choose File, Utilities, and Complte Database Index.
It gives me an error message:
GoExclusive (all other users out)…
You attempted to open a database that is exclusives opened by user “Admin” on computer “ANS-Share”…

When I click OK it says:
All other users need to exit first.

I am logged in as Bwarner - with Admin rights in Ayanova.
I am on the server (and have already rebooted it)
There is no such user Admin, on our network.
What can I do to do the index?

  1. Do I have to be logged in as Administrator, Admin or Manager to add users or reindex database? Would an Admin equivelant work?

  2. I need to know the names of the ARAS and QBI services that are running on the server so I can shut them down.

  3. Anything else?

Hello Brad

  1. You do not need to be logged in as the username “manager” - you do need to be logged in as a user that has full rights to Database Utilities - preferably a user that is a member of the security group MANAGERS.

  2. If running ARAS, the ARAS service is AyaServ.exe and the ARAS program is ARAS.exe

If running QBI, the QBI program is ayqb.exe

I believe you are running ARAS, and you need to ensure this is shut down. Check the Services, and ensure the ARAS Service is shut down. Once this service is shut down, thanalso open the ARAS.log file to confirm the time and date of its shutdown also.

3a. Perform the steps in the order listed as outlined in the reply to the post regarding this issue found at

3b.the message states “opened by user “Admin” on computer “ANS-Share”.”

The name is given as Admin as irregardless of who you are logged into AyaNova as, an exclusive function is run by an internal user Admin so ignore this username. It is not indicative of the AyaNova username.

3c. Is “ANS-Share” the server you are logged in as and running the Database Utilities, or is it another computer?

3d. Does the message occur immediately before the re-index even starts, or does the re-indexing start (as shown by the user interface display) and than the message appears when it is halfway through it?

Please post the results of your steps, and which addressed the issue.

What is the name of the administrator account in Ayanova?

We are NOT running any additional services (there are no ARAS or QBI services or anything running)!

That message “…Admin on computer ANS-Share” happens if we add users or index from ANY computer (including the server) - although that is the name of the server.

We have never indexed, so this is the first one (we are not "re-"indexing). The message occurs just after the request to Index.

Why was I not notified by email or even forum message that a posting response was made 2 days ago?


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The default administrative account for AyaNova is “manager” (without the quotation marks) with the password “letmein” (without the quotation marks). As you can edit this account, the password and username may have been changed by you or someone in your organization.

As outlined in the reply above, the name “Admin” in the message is irrelevant - it is NOT identifying a specific AyaNova user. “Admin” in that message refers to an internal function that is needing exclusive access - just ignore this name, it has nothing to do with troubleshooting this issue.

  1. Confirm that you opened Services, and ensured ARAS was not being run as a service on any computer.

  2. Confirm that you opened Task Manager on all computers, and ensured sc.exe and AyaServ.exe are not running.

  3. Once above is confirmed, as also outlined in move to the AyaNova database folder using Windows Explorer, find the scdata.ldb file (which is the “lock” file automatically created by AyaNova when any aspect is running) and delete this file. Make sure NOT to delete the actual database file which is

  4. If a message appears that this file may be in use and cannot be deleted, and you are positive everyone is out of AyaNova, including optional add-ons closed, than reboot the computer that shares the AyaNova database folder and files, and reboot any computer that accesses AyaNova, and perform the steps 1 thru3 again.

  5. Once the file scdata.ldb is deleted, than log into AyaNova on one computer only as manager, move directly toFile -> Database Utilities -> click on Index or Reindex or Compact (doesn’t matter as any of these require exclusive access)

  6. If this addresses your issue, kindly post here

  7. If the issue is still occurring, please post details of each step above.

Users that have experienced this usually find most often that there was an instance of AyaNova or ARAS open somewhere on the network, or they find that removing the ldb file addresses the issue as some station is holding the database open even though the program is closed.

good it worked - deleting the LDB file was the ticket.