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We are upgrading our server this weekend and thought it a good time to also upgrade to … from our old on our old server.Wedownloaded the program, ran the install and started it up … okay so far. We then applied our key and it did its thing properly. We then tried to copy our’" file over the default file and we are now getting an error saying “AyaNovacould not open the database file: e:\Ayanova\database\”. The next few lines say “The database drivergave the following reason: the MS Jet database engine stopped the process because you and another user are attempting to change the same data at the same time”“This program will now close”.

In addition, we have checked and opened up the permissions on the database folder and all files within.We have checked and updated the MS Jet engine. We are running a brand newinstall of MS Server 2003 Enterprize Edition with Terminal Services.All updates and patches have been applied.

Any idea why the program is not starting at all? Any suggestions for things to try next?

Hi Larry

Let’s go through the steps to upgrade to as outlined on

Your computers are presently running AyaNova

To upgrade to AyaNova

  1. you would download the HotFix from the above web page

  2. Make sure all users are out of the AyaNova program, if using ARAS or QBI that these are also closed,

  3. Extract the SC.EXE file from the download from above

4. Every computer running the AyaNova program would have their local copy of the SC.EXE file replaced with this new SC.EXE file.

  1. Than on one station only , you would log in as the manager (default was username “manager” with password “letmein” if not changed since iniitally installed)

  2. Click OK to run the database update. Read any dialogue messages that appear and make note if they state to do something.

  3. When indicated to do so, close AyaNova.

  4. Log back in as the manager, open the menu Help -> About this program and confirm that the version is now with database version of 171.

  5. Confirm every computer has this new SC.EXE replaced, and when they first log in on each computer, that you confirm the AyaNova version is

There is no need to install a new AyaNova trial, or apply a keycode, or move the database to upgrade to

If you are setting up a new server - that would be different steps taken - and would be separate from the steps taken to upgrade to

Please confirm that you have performed the above steps first with the database in its previous existing location - and than we can go through the steps to move the database to another server.

  • Joyce

Hi again Larry

I’ve re-read your post a couple more times as not quite sure I understand the situation or the reson for the order of steps taken.

I apologize if I am not getting what is occurring - please identify if what I have listed here is incorrect.

  1. On a brand new Windows 2003 computer that did not previously have the AyaNova programinstalled or the AyaNova database on it, you installed AyaNova using the 2K_XP_SCPSETUP.EXE installation file - installing both the program files to C:\Program Files\AyaNova and a new trial database to the local hard drive location E:\AyaNova\Database?

  2. As a trial database was installed, you did test logging in via the defaults “manager” and “letmein” and successfully ran the AyaNova program accessing the trial database?

  3. You than applied your AyaNova keycode to unlock this trial database.

  4. Did youclose out of the AyaNova program on this computer before copying over the previous SCDATA.SC file? Or was the AyaNova program running on this computer when the previous database was copied overtop?

  5. Were any other computers accessing the old database (running the AyaNova program)when you copied it to the new 2003 server?

It would be recommended that you first perform the upgrade to on the existing computers and the existing database. Once that is confirmed, than second would be moving the database location to this new server.

A. Ensure no one is running any copies of the AyaNova program - either those pointing towards the old location of the database, or to this new server.

B. Than perform the steps to upgrade to on existing computers first as outlined on

C. Once you have confirmed that all existing computers are now running AyaNova and that the existing database has been upgraded to, than perform the steps as outlined in the AyaNova CE Quick Start Guide on changing the database location. In brief below:

than would you ensure everyone is out of any AyaNova program
make a good backup of the AyaNova database file SCDATA.SC
move the AyaNova database folder and all its files including the SCDATA.SC to the new location on the new server
edit existing AyaNova shortcuts to point to the new database folder location

Thank you for your comments a few days ago. Since then we have tried a number of things to try and narrow the problem down. I spent quite a bit of time over the past weekend looking at the MS Jet Engine, Access and other things in an attempt to trace the problem. I also ran through the install procedures on another computer running XP Pro and had it running beautifully in less than 5 minutes. It is a very simple install and we have been through the process many times on other computers with no problems.

Just to review, we can install the demo versions of either AyaNova 1941 or 1944 and run the program with the demo database. Our problem appears when we copy our own SCDATA.SC file and try to run the program. We get the message I noted in my Feb. 17 post, and then AyaNova aborts itself. If we copy the demo database back again, it runs fine. No one is logged in and we have been able to get the database running okay on either 1941 or 1944. Compatibility between the different versions does not appear to be our problem.

To really isolate the problem we reloaded our new server with a fresh install of Win 2003 Server Enterprise Edition. We did nothing after the install … no updates, no AV software and no application software. It did not work. Today we installed a fresh install of Win XP Pro on the new server and tried the install … it worked perfectly. This experiment seemed to lessen the possibility we are dealing with a hardware problem.

So at this point, we believe we are dealing with a problem between our:

Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition … running on our new
Intel Dual-Xeon 3.0 GHz. Server … which is running
AyaNova 1941 or 1944

I really believe the problem is between Server 2003 Ent. Edition and AyaNova but I can’t be positive. Any further thoughts or comments before we spend many more hours troubleshooting this problem?

Hi Larry

Please confirm - before copying the SCDATA.SC to this Windows 2003 server - has that SCDATA.SC been updated to before copying it over?

Have you updated your actual SCDATA.SC following the update instructions first - before copying the SCDATA.SC to the 2003 server?

  • Joyce

We have tried a number of variations. We are currently running 1941 on our old server. On the new server wetried installing 1941 and running our current database (which was 1941) … no luck. We also installed1944 on another computer and copied our database toitand it seemed to go through the conversion process okay. That ran okay. We then tried to run that converted database on the server which was running 1944 … no luck.

A bit more background. We are running 1941 on our old server which is a dual PIIIrunning Win 2003 Enterprise.We have never bothered to upgrade to 1944 because of the old adage “if it ain’t broke … don’t fix it”.Our new server is a dualP4 3.0 Xeon running on an Intel Server board.

Hi Larry

Please confirm these exact steps are the process. I don’t want to assume what is presently happening, so do please confirm each step is occurring:

  1. The new 2003 server presently has installed.

2.With the trial database SCDATA.SC is presently in the E:\Program Files\AyaNova folder on this new 2003 server, you have no issues logging in and running the program on this new 2003 server.

  1. You than exit out of the trial AyaNova

  2. You than rename the existing trial SCDATA.SC file to SCDATA.TRIAL

  3. You than ensure no users are logged into the live AyaNova database (neither ARAS or QBI running or any access to the live SCDATA.SC file that you are going to copy).

  4. You than copy to the same folder as the trialE:\Program Files\AyaNova folder the updated and confirmed SCDATA.SC from this other server

  5. You run the AyaNova icon from the desktop and get that message “AyaNova could not open the database file: e:\Ayanova\database\” and “The database driver gave the following reason: the MS Jet database engine stopped the process because you and another user are attempting to change the same data at the same time” “This program will now close”.

At this point we have Win XP Pro installed on the server so we will have to reinstall 2003 Enterprise. We will go through each of the steps you outlined one-by-one to be sure we are not missing anything. We are doing this work while trying tocontinue running the business, so it takes time. I suspect we will not be able to repond back to you until next week. In the meantime, I want to thank you for your help and support so far. I know you are probably busy trying to get people upgraded to the new 3.0. I would like to make that move, but the training and customization we need to perform firstmake this impossible. We need to get our new server installed and running soon because our old one is on its last legs. The last component is AyaNova. I’ll let you know how we make out.

Thank you, Larry - we will await your results.

I’ve listed the steps again with other things to confirm

  1. Confirmthe trial AyaNova runs successfully on the new 2003 server

  2. Before copying the licensed AyaNova SCDATA.SC data,do confirm that your licensed AyaNova is upgraded successfully to first .

  3. And before copying the licensed AyaNova SCDATA.SC, ensure that all users are exited out, than no other programs are accessing (ARAS or QBI for example)

  4. Before copying the licensed AyaNova SCDATA.SC file, check that a SCDATA.LDB file in the same folder on the old server is not present. An SCDATA.LDB file is automatically created when the database is being accessed. As soon as there is no access, that SCDATA.LDB file auto deletes.

If there is a SCDATA.LDB file, this indicates something is still accessing that SCDATA.SC file

  1. On the new 2003 server, before copying over the licensed AyaNova data file, also ensure that there is not present already aSCDATA.LDB file. If there is, that indicates that there is still access to the trial database file.

These above steps are to confirm that as the trial AyaNova database runs successfully, we are not adding complications by copying over a database file that is in the middle of transactions

  • Joyce

Hi again Larry

Another thing to check - do ensure that you have applied all 2003 updates to this new Windows 2003 before running AyaNova CE, including

  • Joyce

Ithought I would let you know that we finally got our problem solved. I’m not sure why this happened, but your comments on your February 23 post, were right on. The problem was related to the LDB file. For some reason, it did not delete itself once everyone had signed off of AyaNova. In our case, no one other than the Administrator was signed on the server, but the LDB remained.We deleted it and it worked. We finally gotour new server installed this weekend. Now we can start to plan the nextproject … upgrade to AyaNova Version 3.0. Thanks for all of your help.