Reinstalling on anther computor

Last year I had to buy a new computer,I did not import my ayanova to the new hard drive. I have the old hard drive installed also.

I am wondering how to re install aya and my FDB disc,Do i have to download a version of aya that matches the version I that I have. I will want to upgrade but it has been a couple years since i have used aya and want to practice using my version first.

Hi Doug

Correct - if moving to a new computer for a stand-alone installation of AyaNova, you would need to install the same version of the AyaNova program on the new computer before restoring your AyaNova database file AYANOVA.FDB Specific steps such as the path to restore to, etc, would depend on what version you have.

Not sure what version you have as you did not say, but you can download the older version installation files also via the Download web page

Or you can email directly to with your company name, address, email address etc so that I can look up for you what version license you purchased so you know what version to download and if any additional questions.

  • Joyce

Judging from my notes the last version installed was 3.3.0

Hi again Doug

  1. Download and install the AyaNova setup file(which was the last 3.x version released) taking the defaults during the installation.

  2. Once the installation completes successfully, than open your Windows Explorer, and delete the AYANOVA.FDB database file in the program folder C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova 3

  3. Now restore from your backup (or copy from your old hard drive) your licensed AYANOVA.FDB database file into this same folder

  4. Run AyaNova 3.6 and it will connect now to your licensed database file in that folder.

  • Joyce

Thankyou very much Joyce the install went well :slight_smile:

Now that i remember when I had my first version of ayanova the customers full address and phone #s postal code ETC would appear on my work orders I think i had to click some icon to do that when setting up the clients info. then when i upgraded or imported a different wo template i seemed to have lost how to have the info on the WO.

right now all i get for physical address is the street address only no phone number email or city or postal code

and nothing is showing for postal address

Looks like i found what i was looking for :slight_smile:

Good morning Doug, do I assume correctly by your second post that determined what you needed for that post just previous about postal code and phone number, etc? That you opened the report template in the report template designer, and customized your controls so were pointing to correct data - or that you replaced your existing sample report templates with new provided in the Additional Sample Report Templates & Tutorials section of this forum

  • Joyce