Remote service techs and Aya Nova

I have read the answers to several of the pertinent questions about field service but here is my scenario. I have several remote field service techs, that while they have laptops they do not always have the ability to connect to the internet in the field. Those techs need to be able to add customers and write up quotations and work orders on the fly, print them or get an electronic signature and then sync that data to the home office at the end of the day for invoicing and record keeping. Is this possible?

Also can we use an existing work order template (Created and run in Omniform) and import the information from those forms or duplicate the look and feel of that form in AyaNova?


We do not provide an synchronization feature with AyaNova. At this time we do not see this being added.
Synchronization opens up a can of worms.
If your techs out in the field do not have internet access, a suggestion is that they print out details on the work to be performed (i.e. via a Sample Dispatch Report) for each workorder and take those with them onsite so that they can manually fill them out, get a signature from a client etc. And upon return to the office, at that time enter via the AyaNova programinto the database.

One of the major benefits of the three remote options that AyaNova does have (Data Portal, WBI and/or MBI) is that everyone whether back at the office or out on the road is viewing the same data everyone else is at the same time- techs on the road can view their schedule, enter new clients and/or workorders, update existing service workorders etc as well as those back in the office can also see when any information has been entered by the techs out on the road.

The AyaNova work order entry screen field layout can not be edited. But you can add custom fields as well as localize the existing fields to be labeled how ever you want. Do review the information and videos on localization and custom fields on an overview.

If instead by template you mean that what is printed out from the workorder - do note that you can customize any sample report template that comes with AyaNova as well as create your own, as well as download (and further customize if desired) the additional sample report templates also available on this AyaNova Support Forum in the AyaNova Printing & Report Templates section And as offered in the forum topic Custom-report-templates, custom report templates can also be designed for you.

If you have not already, I do invite you to download the limited trial AyaNova and install, and than request a 30 day temporary Activation Key to fully unlock AyaNova and all of its optional add-ons to fuly try out all features.

Let me know if you have additional questions.

  • Joyce