Removed Labour/Parts still show on reports

Is there any way to remove a labour item or part once you no longer need it. I added specifically a Labour Item, and then realized that I no longer need it, but I cannot delete it. It then shows up as a 0 on the report confusing the customer. Is there a “Labour item used in service” checkbox available?

Peter Fuzessery

Miad systems Ltd

Hi Peter

In the workorder entry screen itself - have you deleted the labor item or just changed the quantity to 0?

If you have only changed the quantity to 0, than the report template will display it because it will always display data.

But if you no longer want the labor item at all, delete the labor record itself - use your mouse to click on the row indicator on the left of the labor record which highlights the record, and than select the DELETE button on your keyboard

  • Joyce


Boy do I feel dumb. I was just looking for the “Here is how you do it approach with a button”

I didnt thing of the obvious but yet when i tried it, it worked. Thanks anyways…Hopefully this will help someone else.


:slight_smile: Hi Peter - never feel bad for asking a question. Sorry it wasn’t obvious though - perhaps we need additional information on this in the manual? Do you have a suggestion on where we should place this?

  • Joyce