removing technicians from the schedule screen

AyaNova CE

i have a couple of technicians who left my company. i set them to inactive so i can free up the license but they still show up on hte schedule screen. at first i changed their names to the guys who replaced them but then when i ran reports it said that the wrong tech did the job. so i put them back and set them to inactive, but i would like to remove them from the schedule screen they are just taking up space. any suggestions would be great.



When a technician is set to inactive, new workorders will not have this inactive technician available for selectionfor scheduling or for entering service provided.

But to maintain history, that technician will still be shown as scheduled or selected for service performedin previous workorders created prior to them being set to inactive.

Therefore in the Schedule screen, to be able to identify who was scheduled for those workorders, those inactive technicians will continue to show - their names are grayed to indicate that they are inactive. They won’t be available for workorder selection.

The Schedule screen defaults to showing all technicians - active and inactive - so that you can see who was scheduled, including historical workorders.

If you do not utilize the Dispatch Zones for customer assignment, you could assign all active techs to a zone called Active Techs, and at the bottom of the Schedule screen select that specific Dispatch Zone to display the schedules of only those active techs in that zone.


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