Report Exporting Error

Hi Joyce,

We have a Dispatch Ticket template whichwhenever anyone attempts to export the report from thePreview Screento an Excel or Rich Text document they receive this error: Parameter is not valid.

This error occurs regardless ofwhichuser is logged orwhat workorder is used,and only with this templateand thesetwo Export options.

Do you have any suggestionson what I should look at to correctit?



Hi Bob

If you can export the report template, I will import it here and take a look.

  • Joyce


Sorry about not including it.

Here it is.


Hi Bob

The error message is occurring for the same reason this report template won’t show all records if it was printed from the Service Workorders grid instead of printing from within a workorder entry screen - the report template you provided is not compatible with the latest version of the report printing engine used with AyaNova. Additoinal information on what occurs is also in the topic

If you open your report template in the designer, you will note that there is no WorkorderHeader band - it starts with the WorkorderHeader.WorkorderHeaderWorkorderItem

And if you were to instead select this report template from the Service Workorder grid, you will see that it only prints a report for the first workorder record listed (even if there are more records listed)

What I have done is customized further the Sample Dispatching Report that is also available from base it on what your dispatching report was. I edited the margins for the report template, created the text fields, changed the width of exisitng fields, removed existing fields, and added your name and address as your original. You can customize further as needed but this will get you going.

Do note that if you are exporting to RTF or Excel, fields that are overlapping will not show. For this reason, I did not include the “box” label field that overlaps the siugnature area - otherwise the fields won’t show if exported.

  • Joyce


We weren’t aware theywouldn’t print from the Service Workorders Grid. We normally print them from the Workorder and they print fine.

Thank you for amending the template,


You are welcome Bob, glad I was able to help.

  • Joyce