Report not available

After creating a custom report in AyaNova Lite in Service Workorders and naming and saving, after the program was restarted the report was no longer available. It shows in Administration but is not available/does not show in any report list even though marked as active.

How do I get this report back please?


Please provide the following :

  1. Refresh the Report Templates grid, and then provide the data for each column for this report template :
    Report =
    Active =
    Key =
    Size (bytes) =
    Record Created =
    Record Created By =
    Record Modified =
    Record Modified By =

  2. Print preview the report Report Templates List AyaNova Lite, and save to a file, and attach to your reply.

  3. From what exact grid or entry screen did you create this report template?

  4. What did you exactly name this report template as?

  5. Provide a screenshot dropping down the Print for this grid, showing all available report templates.

Hear from you soon

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

The report was created in Labour. I re-started my laptop (it lives in sleep mode) and the report is now showing up and working as originally created.


I think more a issue with my PC than the program.

Thanks for your help with this.

Good to hear resolved.

  • Joyce