Report Output - Field Background Color Change

Does anyone know if it is it possible to change the background color of a field based on its contents? Example:

Client Unit is NEW 2000 (stored in ‘LT_Unit_Label_Custom1’ as a date), if ‘Current Service’ date is beyond 12 years (ie 2012+) then make the field background color RED. If current service date is older than 6 years but less then 12 (2006 - 2011) then make field background color YELLOW. I imagine this would have to be done through a script before printing. What would I call to do this if possible??

Yes, I would assume possible using a script that runs with your loaded report template, most likely an if - else statement script and most likely use of datetime that works to what result you want.

example scripts that use datetime such as
topic Average-Response-Time-uses-TimeSpan-and-Date-related-scripts and topic

Our forum does not have a specific example for your specific use, but if you would like to provide as per #3 of topic Custom-report-templates including be sure to specifically identify which fields in the workorder and examples of actual data so that I can recreate here, I would be happy to provide an estimate to come up with the specific script for you.

  • Joyce