Report templates geared towards unit history - accessed from Items grid with grid filtered to show records for one Unit only

This topic has a number of different Unit History report templates useful to view service history for units selected for service in workorder items.

To display all workorder items for a specific unit

  1. View the the Items grid in the Service navigation pane:
  2. filter by the client ABC Accounting which first gave me a list of workorder items for this client
  3. filter by the unit (Serial Number column) which gives me a list of workorder items where this unit was selected

Now only workorder items where this unit was selected display

Than select a report which will obtain data based on what is displaying in the grid.

Also refer to AyaNova v3 Manual sections:

“Use of Grids and SubGrids”
The “Service Navigation Pane” section which includes the tutorials “Filtering and Sorting a Grid” and “Printing a Report for All Service Workorders Displayed in a Filtered Grid”
In the “Administration Navigation Pane” section, the “Report Templates” section which includes importing a report template
The “Printing” section which inclues preparing displayed data in a grid for printing a report
In the “Technical” section “Creating Custom Reports”

Some basic Unit History report templates to download and import:

Unit History Report- Used the Detailed Report Templatein the Items grid of the Service navigation pane to create this custom report template (unit, workorder #, workorder header Service Date, Service Start Date & Time, User that performed the service, Service Details) (note: report requires that you filter to show only one Unit - otherwise all workorder items listed will appear on the report as if for the for the first unit in the grid)

Unit History Report Summary - Used the Summary Report Template in the Items grid of the Service navigation pane to createthis custom report template (workorder #, workorder header Service Date , Unit Service Type, Item Summary)


Here’s another Unit History type report template based to look more like that of AyaNova CE’s Unit History report also available from the Items grid.

Unit History Report Like AyaNova CE

If you check out the report designer of this report template, you will notice that I have included that in addition to displaying Labor if applicable, it will also display Parts if selected in the workorder item. I also included the other sub-datasets in the report template to get you going if you want to customize further

If you don’t want parts to display, than customize to either set the property Visible to False for the Part detail bands, or delete them entirely.

Here’s a couple more samples of a Unit History Report that will also compatible with the new printing engine that will be released with the new AyaNova v3.3.X maintenance release late Dec / early January (these replace the previous sample report templates posted here earlier)

[b]Sample Unit History Report showing Labor details plus SubCharges and Totals[/b]

This sample report template looks like:

[b]Sample Unit History Report showing SubCharges and Totals only[/b]

Similar to the report template above, but the detail bands property Visible have been set to False – so only the subtotals and the Grand Total displays in addition to the Item Summary and Unit Serviced along with WO# and client.

Unit History Report with Service Details

Download and import.

Suggestion for use: From the Units grid, filter to display workorder items that have units selected in the records (i.e. filter on the Serial column by selecting <NonBlanks> ) to get a report on service on all units grouped by the client

You can of course also customize further, including quantity of hours performed, Unit Service Typeand more.