Request Date

When setting up a Preventative Maintenance does the “Request Date” field have to be filled in. Does this have any bearing on the Generation of a Preventative Maintenance to a Workorder.


“Request Date” field in the workorder item grid in a PM is not a required field - it is not required to be filled in.

The only required fields in a PM are:
Generate Time Span
Threshold Time Span
Next Service Date

Do also note that if you have entered a record row in Scheduled Users, Labor or Travel - you must enter a Start Date & Time, and a Stop Date & Time.

Within the AyaNova v3 Manual section “Preventive Maintenance” , the section on the preventive maintenance entry screen starting page 265 also identifies these headerfields of pm entry screen that are required. The AyaNova v3 Manual is available for download from and is highly recommended to be reviewed for any of the features you will be using as the manual contains detailed information, tips on use, and tutorials.

  • Joyce