Request for Multiple workorder status change client notifications

The client notification feature allows for clients to be sent an email when specific things happen. There is one tab where we can select that clients be notified when the WO status changes. This is a great feature, but it appears that only one such status change notification can be selected per region, which is very restrictive. What would be ideal is if multiple such client notification events could be set, so that if a WO was set to status “A” the client was sent one notification, but if set to status “B” the client would be sent a different notification. Seems strange to limit to only one WO status, but our reading of the manual and of the application interface is that only one can be selected…

Hi Jason, yes you are correct - only one workorder status can be selected for notification for clients of that region, as that was the original feature request - i.e. clients only wanted to be notified when one specific status of the workorder occurred.

Thank you for your suggestion. We will certainly look into expanding the client notifications feature in the next version of AyaNova

  • Joyce

Just wanted to update this Wish List item - with AyaNova 7 you can now set up a number of different workorder statuses for your client’s of a specific region to be notified about - with each having a specific report that is sent along with the email notification!

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