Required Fileds

Is there a way for the administrator to set certain fields in the workorder form as “Required”

meaning the workerorder window won’t be able to close unless these fields are entered, avoiding users to forget filling in important information.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Not by the AyaNova Administrator. Required fields are “hard -coded” in to the AyaNova program code. For example, in a unit entry screen, the fields serial number and client who owns the unit are required fields, and a new unit can not be saved unless those minimum two fields are entered.

The workorder entry screen at present only has the client as a required field - as some AyaNova users enter very minimum information, whereas other AyaNova usersenter a lot.

At this time, I would recommend instructing your staff to enter your required fields. And to confirm, you can filter via the various Service navigation grid columnsto confirm that fields are not blank - i.e. if it is required that they select a Priority for a workorder item, thanin the Items grid, filter the Priority column by [Blanks] to see if any workorder items do not have a priority selected.

Another thing is that you can restrict users of certain security groups from having the ability to close a workorder - thereby only authorized users can close a workorder ensuring that required fields are entered before doing so.

Set the security group object Object.Workorder.Close to Read/Only or Forbidden if you do not want users of that security group to be able to close a workorder. Or set the security group object Object.Workorder.Close to Read/Write/Delete or Read/Write if you do want users of that security group to be able to close a workorder.

We will be looking into providing an adminnistrative setting to set required fields in a future version of AyaNova, but no, it is not available at this time.

  • Joyce

Thank you for your quick reply.

That would be great if it would be integrated in ayanova in the near future.

But the alternative you have suggested is a good compromise for now,thank you.