Resizing Workorder Items Section

Almost everything in this product is perfect for our use, however there is one thing that bugs me. The section for entering workorder items (description, request date, priority, etc…) is extremely small. While you can resize the rows height, its still not great, plus it doesn’t remember the next time you open it. Searching the forum I found a statement that it was being considered for future release (back when v3 was out). Is this still the case?

The workorders are the one feature that will be used the most so it’d be nice to see what we are doing clearly. I’d also like to be able to resize the entries in the labour section too. Perhaps a basic customizable layout would be good.


When we looked into this as a new feature for version 4, at that time itwas determined it would bea can of worms to implement. It would have to be coded all manually but would still have a number of potential problems.To be able to adjust the row heights through code would mean having to set the way the grid works differently,having to enable row by row height changes because the default is to size all rows equally when they are resized and this doesn’t appear to be settable through code when in this mode. This means having to enable row by row resizing which in turn means people would have to resize row by row instead of getting all at once. Also would then have to pick which row to be the standard size and when loading set all rows to that same size one by one. Also the vertical layout of the workorder form is based on the set row height, if it’s changed then the whole way the workorder form is laid out vertically needs to be re-done. Finally all those changes would than need to be implemented in WBI for the its controls however and if the web controls can do it.And the sizing would have to be web and winform compatible so that if a resize was done in the web or the winform it would resize the same amount (no matter the display resolution) in the other.

Basically it means taking away existing functionality, adding very error prone code all over the place to replace existing tested working code (i.e. redoing layouts a different way).

For those reasons it was decided not to try to implement at that time. We do still have it on our list to look intoif we switch to a different control grid or the control is updated with expanded functionality and use it for both win and web form as than it might be possible.

Do note that developmentput in the new features of the popup bubbles so it would not be necessary to resize those items to read all the text, as well as theoption to the Summary fieldso in theory there should be no reason to resize a row just to read it all as hovering your mouse over the field will display all of the text for viewing.

  • Joyce


I undertsand your reluctance if it is going to cause a lot of problems, but how about approaching it from a different angle? Could you not remove the workorder items section completely and instead place a button in the pane below (where all the other buttons are for “items”, “labour”, etc…). That would give more space to increase the default row size height…

Its just a suggestion, and I don’t expect any change in the near future. But I don’t think calling it “too buggy” is really an answer… if you have a good coding team then they should be able to do it, in my opinion. Then again I’m not a programmer.



Hi again, we certainly have it on the list to look into. As new controls are made available with new options, we continuely revisit features to see how we can streamline them further as well as add additional requests without taking away from existing. I will move this to the Wish List section of this forum for development.

  • Joyce