RESOLVED: Error on List All Workorders

I’m runningversion 4.1.0 of AyaNova.

When in the client grid and using the right mouse facility to List All Workorders for a given client, I find I have 2 different problems.

Firstly,if the client name includes the character ‘&’ (e.g Bat & Ball) I get the error message:- An error occurred while parsing EntityName. Line NN, position NN.

The line and position field vary according to the client selected but are often Line 25 or 26.

Secondly, whenlisting clients in the client grid which only contain alpha/numerical characters using the right mouse ‘List all Workorders’ switches me to the Service grid with the correctworkorders displayed,butif I then try and select the Client Name to open the Client record nothing happens. Also, if I then switch back to the Client grid from where I selected the List all Workorders and select the Client Name to open the Client record from there still nothing happens.

I find I am unable to select any clients unless Ilog out and then log back in!!

The first problem also occurs in version 4.0.1, but the second problem only occursin the new release version 4.1.0.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention so that it can be resolved in a maintenance update. We will notify all AyaNova 4 users when the next maintenance update is available.

At this time, if using the List All Workorders, log out and back in to be able to open entry screens.

And if using the List All Workorders on a client with an & in its name, be aware that the error will occur, and you will need to Abort.

  • Joyce

This issue is now addressed in AyaNova 4.1.5 - please refer to Known Issues & Updates section of this forum for steps to update to the latest version of AyaNova

  • Joyce