RESOLVED Issue with RI if Use Inventory set to False in Global Settings

If you have the following:

Version RI and lower
Use Inventory = False (in Global Settings)

You may encounter the following issue if:

When a part record is added to a workorder/quote/pm via RI, saved and then click on the blue Back to return to the workorder, will result in a message PartWarehousePickList: ID not found: when performed on the same server where RI web application is itself running on IIS

Have all users out
Change your Global Settings Use Inventory to True
Save and exit
Reset your RI (see )

As inventory is now enabled, you will need to create part adjustments for those parts you want to add to workorders without having to create part requests - i.e. create a part adjustment adding a quantity of 99999 of each part you will use
Now when selected in AyaNova (whether using desktop, RI, or WBI), you will not get questioned about part requests.


Development will be releasing an update for RI and AyaNova shortly to resolve this.

This issue is now resolved in the latest version RI