Restrict Non Scheduleable user to view only head office

Is there a way to restrict the clients that a user sees? I want to be able to hide details (clients, units, work orders, etc.) from a standard user. What I want is for a head office to be able to add clients, units, and work orders (automatically assigned to that particular head office) from a networked database. I know that this basically available in the WBI, but I am not ready to put out the money for that right now, until I know that my head offices will use it.


Client (nor Head Office) login is not available via the AyaNova program itself - only via WBI.

Users that access via the AyaNova program are restricted to what features they have access to - data restriction can not be a feature as than you the administrator would need to go through ever record and identify if the user can see it, which would put a lot of overhead when ever the user logs in while the database server checks everything to see if it should be shown or not. End result would be a very slow program.

Do note that client’s and head-offices can not enter data about themselves via WBI - they can not create new clients, new units, new workorders. They can view their existing workorders and they can request service.

Only an AyaNova user (if given rights via a security group) can create new clients, new units, new workorders and edit the same - but if they have the rights to create new, they also have the right to view all existing.

  • Joyce