Restricting access for multiple technicians

Can I limit technicians to only see their own tickets? In other words, what are the typical restrictions for most technicians who are not the business owners?

And, is therea way to make sure that each technician can only see their own work orders, with out seeing anyone elses work order?




AyaNova CE uses a group security model.You do not set security for each user, instead you create groups of users, each with specific security settings which are access rights to the various AyaNova features.

It is not possible to restrict access based on “who” the scheduled users - only whether they have access or not to AyaNova features.

A user that is a technician would have either the ability to access all functions of any workorder (FULL), or they would be able to only view the details of any workorder but make no changes (VIEW) or they would not be able to view any workorder at all (NONE) based on the security group they belong to.

Although it is not possible to restrict a technician to view only workorders where they are scheduled, what you could do is create views for the Main Workorder List View that are for each technician, log in as that technician andselect the view for them. As AyaNova displays the last view displayed by default when a user logs in, the technician would be viewing only workorders where they are the scheduled user if that is the criteria of the view.

More information on Security Groups can be found in the AyaNova CE Manual section “Security” starting on page 152. Information on setting up views and use of the Main Workorder List View can be found in the AyaNova Manual sections “Work Order List Screen” and “Work Order List View Setup Screen” starting on page 76

Is there a way to restrict views in ARAS? So that the technician only sees the view with just his tickets?

Doesn’t ARAS start up with what ever the last view was for AyaNova CE for that username?


Same applies to ARAS as what is in the AyaNova program - a user’s ability depends on the access rights of the security group they are a member of. Rights are based on access to a feature.

As with AyaNova, with ARAS there is not a way to restrict a user to only viewing workorders where they are the selected scheduled user.

Yes, the view the user last was viewing in AyaNova will default to showing within ARAS when they log in.

Please check this again:

  1. Log in as the user in AyaNova and confirm the view selected.

  2. Close this user out of AyaNova

  3. Log in as this user via ARAS

  4. Select Workorder List

  5. The view last viewed in AyaNova will be the view it opens to in ARAS

Thanks, I’m just trying to think of every possible option. I’ll give it a shot.