Restricting technicians from closing workorders

I was wondering if the option exists to restrict technicians from closing a workorder. The “close” option in workorders should only be available to the manager. I checked all options in the security groups menu, but could not find an option to do this.

Another question for inventory: if a technician defaults to a warehouse, will he be able to access other warehouses? I want to restrict access for my techicians to their assigned warehouse.

thank you.


An option to restrict technicians from closing a workorder is not yet a feature.

Defaulting a technician to a warehouse defaults that technican to that warehouse being auto-selected when a part is selected only.

Defaulting a technician to a warehousedoes not restrict the technician from being able to select a different warehouse.

Both are great suggestions for expansion on features, and if OK with you, I would like to move this topic to the Wish List forum so that it is on the list of new features and expansion on features to review and include in development ?

  • Joyce


thanks for the fast reply. I have no problems to move this topic to the wish list. How fast are thesewishes granted? Just curious :slight_smile:

regards, Mardie

Hi again Mardie

We are presently developing the Unit import / export generic utility, than will be concentrating on the WBI optional add-on (Web Browser Interface) which also includes upgrading AyaNova v3 to use .NET 2.0 asper the AyaNova Road Map

Once these have been released, we will than be going through the Wish List and incorporating great ideas into AyaNova.

I will move this topic to the Wish List area shortly.

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I need to clarify myself regarding my question about inventory.

At my workplace I’m the manager of the sales and support division. Currently technicians are able to use items from the inventory, without the manager getting notified. However, before a part can be used for a workorder,it should be signed of by the manager.

One way I want toget aroundthis:I wouldset a warehouse for my technicians and set their stock level to 0. So automatically a inventory request would be generated for me. In this case, it is important that my technicians only have access to their default warehouse.

Another possibility is that you guys implement a feature whererequests are automatically generated for the manager whenapart needs to be used in a a workorder.

Hope I phrased everything clear :slight_smile:

Thank you for the additional information on your feature suggestion.

Such as you have provided allows the development team have an “understanding” of “why” a feature is requested an dhow it will be used.

Thanks again.

  • Joyce

The ability to restrict secuirty groups having access to the Closed checkbox is now a feature of AyaNova v3.2.5. Thank you for your suggestion.

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