RI update: signature issue - RI Patch 2

ISSUE: due to recent browser changes, in some cases when users attempt to sign a workorder the page may pan around instead of remaining in place to allow the signature.

RESOLUTION: this is resolved with a change to the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) file used by AyaNova RI by either downloading the latest setup file and re-installing, or see below for a quicker and easier way by patching.

If you patch then your version will remain 7.5 patch 1 however you will have all the fixes in patch 2. If you re-install you will see “Patch 2” in the user interface but the only change will be a single file replacement.


Download the replacement file:

Unzip the file Site.cs and copy it over-top of the existing Site.css file.

It’s location may differ depending upon where you installed AyaNova RI; by default it should be in the program files folder on your IIS server:

…some path…\AyaNovaRI7\Content\Site.css

There should be no need to restart IIS, however you may need to force a refresh on your mobile browser to see the change take effect.